"I wonder if every school will be the best they can be."(Grade 4/5 student)

This website aims to share with other teachers and schools the findings of a project whose aim was to Build Positive Relationships and School Cultures within a primary school. This program may suit your primary school and students, or you might find something here to inspire your own creative design.
  • Kids excited and involved 
  • Students using restorative language when things go wrong
  • Culture of positivity

On this website you will find:

1.program guide - lesson sequences and activities for a kids-teaching-kids program culminating in a Day of Action for their school.

2.blog journal of the project. This looks at what happened at each stage, providing reflections on what was valued. It includes some of the models or frameworks that informed the thinking and planning processes.

3. Principles of a restorative approach that we developed through listening to the students.

4. Some thinking tools that may be helpful for schools interested in designing their own program that addresses difficult and embedded cultural issues. 

5. Student created resources - these are videos and tips that the students of the program have made for other students to help them create more positive relationships and school cultures. We have put in some activities with them to foster conversation and experimentation. Your students might like to make their own scenarios and video tips.

6. Our students have also created a friendCHIPS Blog (Caring, Helping, Including, Positive, Smile) where they share their challenges to other schools. We hope your students might participate in these challenges and engage with our students.

Connection - authenticity - resilience - open-heartedness - body wisdom - curiosity - interbeing - optimism - mindfulness - appreciation

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